The ECPMF’s NEWSOCRACY event is devoted to discuss media ownership as a topic affecting many European countries, enabling us to assess if and to what extent conflicts of interest may undermine the independence of the information we consume. The NEWSOCRACY event in Prague focuses on new forms of media owners as well as on implications of media ownership concentration on local/regional journalism. Through hands-on knowledge exchange we aim to come up with constructive approaches to promote media plurality.
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Maria Donde

European Platform for Regulatory Authorities (EPRA)
Maria works for the UK Office of Communications (Ofcom) as Head of International Content Policy, covering media, content and broadcasting issues. She leads on Ofcom’s engagement with other European media regulators, most particularly through EPRA, as well as international bodies, and represents Ofcom on the full range of media policy questions. She oversaw Ofcom’s input into the recently concluded negotiations on the AVMS Directive and manages its relationship with the European Commission on matters relating to the Directive.Maria has been actively involved in the work of the EPRA network for the last six years, having acted as content producer for several working groups and plenary sessions. She directly supported Monica Ariño during her time as EPRA Board Member and was responsible for Ofcom’s hosting of EPRA in Edinburgh in 2017.